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Hi all,

First i have cr-v 2012 non factory nav

Finally i got my stock...

antenna connector
braket to install in car

I know there a lot a post on that, i look each time so many time, but maybe it change with the time (Version of rp4, radio firmware ect...) .... maybe :)... If not i'm sorry, normally i post when needed!


The speaker is connect, i cut the rca because i dont have amp, for now... :). Spend enough money for now...

I will continue tonight with wire that i'm sure..

rp4 to pionner

yellow to yellow
red to red
black to black

purple/white to pink for speed sensor

green to violet/white for reverse

the white/green (swc analog input) from rp4 need to be hardwire to pin 3 on the cr-v connector...


But, the fun begin :

Orange/white (from rp4 - illumnation output +) = i see alot of hack, i have a orange / white on pionner to lightning switch???

I'm not very good in english so maybe the term make me wrong... maybe the color influence me ?? :)

The question : where i connect this 2 wire, orange/white from pionner and rp4???

I see maybe i can hardwire (for the orange/white on rp4) on hazard wire, true??

the red/white on rp4-hd11, on document they tell brake output (-), and on pioneer the said that i need to connect on positive power supply of brake wire ????

Any idea???

When i will finish i will document with picture all my setup, with the problem or not that i had :)

Thank in advance to all your comment to help...


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Hi again,

I continue my connexion and i almost finish, i read a little better i answering one question, the cable blue/yellow for the swc connector is for Kenwood, newer and JVC, for the pioneer i just have to use the 3.5 mm Jack, that all. :)

So my project is at :


Lilttle question :

May i connect the number 1 and 5? the number 1 in pionner book tell that we should connect to positive, but the number 5, rp4 doc said that is parking brake output - ???

So i dont what to do whit?

Question 2 :

The number 2 is (Orange/white from pioneer - To lighting switch terminal), may i connect to 4? This is the illumination (Orange white)??

If not, i have to hardwire the illumination somewhere in the the car and have to find the wire for the number 2 lighting switch in the car???

Question 3 :

May i connect the number 6 from rp4, that i dont have any documentation for this in rp4??? to number 3??? Same color???

Is the blue/white from rp4 is for system remote control???

Thank you for youre time again! :)

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Hi again,

I read (help! Appradio 4 + PAC RP4-HD11) posts.

First thank to guy that help for this thread, i was not thinking that the AppRadio was almost like mine for connexion.

Finally, i connect the green and red/white for parking.

I connect also the illumination (rp4) to lightning switch (pionner).

I let the blue/white from the rp4 not connected.

I connect the blue/white from pionner to the antenna adapter.

So all it's connect, if there is somebody that read and can confirm that i'm ok it will be appreciated, or if anything else that may not work, welcome for help :)...

I will install this week-end!

Thank for this forum and all person that participate...


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I had some problem with my crv site password...

But, just to tell you that it work very well .. So if you have question just ask :)

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