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I've got a 10 yr old accord and newer odyssey but never owned a CRV. Shopping for my son's first car. Came across a silver '03 EX auto w/ 200k miles.

Took a look and the body was in good shape. New tires, brakes looked good, engine bay clean. Interior was in good shape, a few things worn: center door compartment hinge broken on one side, some things in headliner in rear weren't clipped in right.

Other Issues:
Washer fluid cap duct taped on - they said they could replace
A few pencil eraser sized rust spots on edge of a couple doors - they said they would touch up
Had aftermarket radio, detachable face was a bit janky but worked, and had aux and usb connections.
Shifter shaft wrap was bubbled, almost looked like electrical tape
Picnic table was missing - he said they could get another one.
Trim around sun roof was loose but could be fitted back on
Some vibration in steering wheel at highway speeds - I thought tires might need to be balanced; I didn't notice any braking wobble. - said they'd take a look.
A little rough/growly sounding at idle. Accelerated ok, rougher sounding than my V6 hondas.
Cruise button didn't illuminate
Couldn't get the cruise to work, got one dash light but not two - said they'd look at.
Exited off highway and the transmission revved up to 4k as we braked, didn't shift when it should've. Tried it again and it was ok. - they thought maybe it was related to cruise control?

The ac worked well. I didn't know about the ac issues until I read some here, so don't know any history on if it was repaired. Carfax showed 2 owners and no major accidents. Edmunds says it's worth 2400 if clean, KBB and Nada were quite a bit higher. No obvious suspension issues driving around, but didn't take to a mechanic. They said they'd fix those issues and could go down to 2900 from 3600. I wasn't sure considering high miles, bad cruise, and possible transmission issues. Cosmetically the vehicle seemed to be in good shape for the age/price, but some red flags there that could possibly double or triple its purchase price. This dealer has only been in town for 2 months, sold like 50 cars, also has a shop that works in primarily imports - japanese and euros. Seemed honest and they have great reviews on Facebook already, but he also told me he drove this car to Chicago and didn't notice the cruise not working because he doesn't use cruise on the highway :rolleyes:

Regardless, pretty sure it'll sell quickly. He just sold a '99 while I was test driving and had others interested so not sure if they'll fix those things and then call me like he said. If they do call, worth the risk or run away?
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