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I'm considering the purchase of a 'new' 2019 CRV Touring, want to discuss price & any major concerns I should be aware of?

Since it's 10/30/19, I feel as if the set price they are asking via AutoNation, is a bit steep at $35,944; and the new 2020 models will be coming out soon; and I was told AutoNation doesn't negotiate pricing, what the car is listed for, is the selling price and they will not negotiate.

Any major issues w/the 2019 CRV Touring model, that I should be concerned with, prior to purchasing this vehicle? I've seen a few threads about 'oil / gas in oil / water in oil' issues and am very concerned about those and would like some input from Honda CRV gurus before I make a bad purchasing decision on the 2019 Touring model.

I appreciate everyone's expertise & assistance!
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