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Honda CRV 2017
the display, past several days, when i start it, see image 1, does NOT show the descriptive information in teh middle of the display. the car starts, the messages about brake is on, and mitigiation being on, show up, and then the center of display blacks out. sometimes, it stays on, and tehn when i release the BRAKE, it disappears.
see image 2, that is after I restarted it after it had been running for a while

can you give me any feedback on this, how to get this display to not disappear, or if this is an impending failure of a circuit board, etc.

I have further tested this. if I start the car with the brake OFF, then the display seems to come up

(I start car, with brake on, in garage, displsy does not come up, i release brake, then shut down the car. I then RESTART it, brake is still off, and then the GAS MILLEAGE display comes on, THEN notification about road mitigation; then road mitigation disappears, and the MILEAGE and FUEL display remains on)

any feedbck appreciated, again, concerns if this is related to any brewing computer issues


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