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constant rebooting infotainment/satnave

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Morning all!

I'm driving a 2016 CRV with the Garmin infotainment system installed. I selected the option to change the skin, after which it said it needed to reboot. This has resulted in the unit being stuck in a reboot loop, with the unit never actually starting fully. I see the Honda logo, I see a spinny timer and then it starts all over again. I've removed the fuse to see if that did anything, but no joy. I've searched online but not see anyone else having this problem, but then I'm not sure what to put in as search terms...

Thoughts appreciated!
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Did you solved the issue?
CRV 2015 elegance (non-navi) - 6SN1 infotainment head unit.
Have exactly the same problem with this "change skin" option: 2D Logo, 3D Logo, reboot.
Disconnecting battery did not helped, Update USB3 to RC6 or RC8 did not solved the issue (Brithness+Power are to be held for 5 seconds whilst 3D Logo shows up - update starts from USB). Rear camera view is avalable with no parking lines and no viewangle options.

I think we need to bring the head unit back from buggy skin. Maybe restauring "factory default settings" but we cannot access the menu as the head unit does not start :-(
Any idea?
Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately we need more information to help. Where are you located and where was your car made? Please update you information in your Account settings page for location and vehicle. Moving to Mobile Electronics section.
Thank you! Updated my profile with detailed info. Any help would be appreciated, but honestly hope for less. The topic was pending for almost a year without answers :-(
The only thing I could suggest would be to possibly try to find a local repair shop for the head unit, call them, and then maybe take it out and take it to them if they think they can repair it. But then it depends on how expensive that might be too. It might be cheaper to just install a new aftermarket unit anyway, which would also likely be of much higher quality. Let us know how it works out. Maybe someone here will have an idea.
Just for info:

Problem seems to be unrepairable.
following did not helped:
1. Update to RC6 or RC8 (files from XDA or local dealer) - possible with brightness + power but after update successfully completes the HU is still in bootloop.
2. A solution with file check from honda upgrade manual also didn’t helped in my case.
Service Bulletin No SQ-10-013-06:
Some units might experience "H screen stuck on" symptom. Initially the software update will not be possible when the unit is "H screen stuck on". You will need to follow these steps before attempting the update:
• When unit is in fail mode "H screen stuck on", Press and hold the Power and Day Night button at the same time for five seconds.
Note: Wait until the loading circle appears on the screen and then press the Power & Day Night button.
After five seconds the unit will switch into the reboot mode, then the unit will do a file check during rebooting. Rebooting will take approximately two and a half minutes.
Now continue with software update procedure.
Note: The "H screen stuck on" symptom can be caused by software or a hardware failure. In case of a hardware failure, recovering is not possible and a new RM unit is necessary.

3. A local repair shop was also unable to fix (without much details, I’ve been told they just cannot acess the system, and soldering out of the memory to replace it from a donor: it’s easier and cheaper to find a used HU)
4. Honda was contacted, but gave following repair solution to my local Honda dealer: he shall dismount and send the head unit to Belgium (in my case – from Germany) so that service guys from Fujitsu Ten can have a look on. Price is about 250-400 USD (200-350 EUR) and no guarantee that the HU will be successfully repaired.

So replacing is, by now, the only option:
  1. A used OEM HU from cars that were involved in an accident (you have to pay attention to the radio code issue: used unit needs hast to be decoded (AND you will have to enter re radio code every time the HU loses power (After battery/fuse disconnect)- long pressing of the power button will not work any longer. With the VIN number of the old vehicle there might be chances to get the radio code and proper configuration from Honda through the local Honda dealer.
  2. An aftermarket Kenwood/Pioner/Alpine with up to 7‘‘ display of with an outstanding 9-10 inch display. This solutions needs a good harness:
    1. for US/Canada best option is Crutchfield an the idatalink maersto RR, it requires a proprietary Maersto socket available only on US/Canada Head Units. For EU/other countries you can pick a US version of a Kenwood unit (FM radio will work, but no DAB+ and no navidation as the come with US / Canada maps only)
    2. For EU you might proceed with Connets2 harness: CTSHO006.2 or with ACV harness 42-HO-xxx (706 for Kenwood, 306 for Pioneer and so on) or with the RTA harness 014.368-0 EAN code 9005796098614. all of the 3 harnesses promise to keep phone buttons. If you want to keep the OEM backup camera – a adapter is also required as the OEM backup camera runs with low voltage (6-7 V instead of 12) for example: 771130-1030 or CAM-HD1-RT.
    3. Adapters for Antennas, USB and HDMI ports might also be required:
      1. USB Connetcs2 – CTHONDAUSB, ACV - 44-1130-001, or RTA 205.360-0
      2. Antenna ACV Artnr.: 1530-03, connects 2 CT27AA94, CT27AA73, CT27AA71 and alike
      3. HDMI adapter like CTHONDAHDMI-RT actually also spotted on ali express (Item 4001159592843)
    4. Fascia CT24HD09 or CT23HD31 or CT23HD24 from Connects2 (CT80HD03 for 10‘1 inch) or any other.
  3. An android head unit from China with PX6 processor and 64GB (Ownice, Idoing, Klyde) or with a UIS7862 and 128Gb: Joying, Teyes CC3 (the last is actually for Russian users). They mostly use DSP and amplifiers. Joying unfortunately has a poor radio chip L. Those HUs also have many optionional upgrades: AHD cameras, USB DRV (poor quality vs Blackvue but connect directly from the head unit and offer some assistance functions), TMPS, DAB+ via USB. But you need to check the harness with the seller and communication with Chinese sellers is usually “difficult” – except Joying.

Does anyone have a poniout for the EU head unit? (Fujitsu Ten, 39100-T1V-...) wiring colors seem to be slightly different from the US one (main 24pole connecto A on the EU head unit has A3 in Purple... for example).
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