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Hi all

I recently puchased a 2005 2.0l Auto AWD CRV. Being a "new" car and my first SUV, I'm doing a thorough check of the vehicle.

Currently I'm checking items that could affect fuel economy/efficiency -at the moment I'm at the MAP (if I understand this model doesn't have a MAS?) sensor but can't find any values in the manual on what they should be.

I've plugged a Creader OBD2 in and have the following values - unfortunately I'm not an expert in deciphering these values, but if you see anything that seems odd, or could give any additional thoughts it would really be appreciated. Being an older car I'm considering purchasing some MAF cleaner to use on the MAP, but if the data shows it isn't necessary I'll skip that step and save a few buck on cleaner...

All values at idle +- 5min (28*c / 82*f)
LOAD_PCT: 29.4%
SHRTFT1: 4.7% (Short term fuel trim)
LONGFT1: 0.0%
MAP: 31.0kPa
RPM: 748/MIN
IAT: 37*C
TP: 9.8% (Throttle position)
02S11: 0.740v
SHRTFT11: 5.5%

Many thanks!
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