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Costco pricing?

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I'm a costco executive member living in Sacramento California and looking at purchasing a 2019 EX-L AWD with no dealer accessories.

When you go onto there site it shows MSRP 31,150.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 32,195.00

In the next column it shows invoice price of 29,235.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 30,280.00

That's a savings of 1,915.00. It clearly states that is not the price you will pay. So I did the locate dealer thing got an e-mail from ONE dealer with the price of 30,171.87 including "destination and handling charges" for a savings of 108.13. I was expecting way more than that seeing it is costco. Is it me or does that sound about right?

What has been your experience purchasing through costco?

Can I get a better deal bartering outside of them?

Any other tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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when i was looking at the Subaru Forester, i did the Costco thing. closest dealer was 120 miles away - my local dealers say they do better deals that Costco.
found the responses interesting
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