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Costco pricing?

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I'm a costco executive member living in Sacramento California and looking at purchasing a 2019 EX-L AWD with no dealer accessories.

When you go onto there site it shows MSRP 31,150.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 32,195.00

In the next column it shows invoice price of 29,235.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 30,280.00

That's a savings of 1,915.00. It clearly states that is not the price you will pay. So I did the locate dealer thing got an e-mail from ONE dealer with the price of 30,171.87 including "destination and handling charges" for a savings of 108.13. I was expecting way more than that seeing it is costco. Is it me or does that sound about right?

What has been your experience purchasing through costco?

Can I get a better deal bartering outside of them?

Any other tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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Used Costco and Truecar at the same time. Costco gave me only one dealer and Truecar gave me three dealer quotes, one of which was from the Costco referred dealer. Truecar price at that dealer was $500 less than the Costco price at the same dealer, same car, and Truecar’s best price was $1,000 less than Costco. This was for a Prius, not a CR-V, but you get the idea.
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