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Costco pricing?

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I'm a costco executive member living in Sacramento California and looking at purchasing a 2019 EX-L AWD with no dealer accessories.

When you go onto there site it shows MSRP 31,150.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 32,195.00

In the next column it shows invoice price of 29,235.00 + 1045.00 destination charge for a total of 30,280.00

That's a savings of 1,915.00. It clearly states that is not the price you will pay. So I did the locate dealer thing got an e-mail from ONE dealer with the price of 30,171.87 including "destination and handling charges" for a savings of 108.13. I was expecting way more than that seeing it is costco. Is it me or does that sound about right?

What has been your experience purchasing through costco?

Can I get a better deal bartering outside of them?

Any other tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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I have gotten a lot of good deals through costco especially travel packages and found them to be pretty darn good price wise. This would be however the first time I have dealt with them when it comes to purchasing a car if in fact I end up going that route. I have also negotiated with car dealers a handful of times in my life so I know for sure what's up on that end.

Again, I was expecting more then that seeing it was costco. Is it me or does that sound about right?

What has been your experience purchasing through costco? Or do you think that I can get a better deal going right to the dealership?

Thanks again for any help, tips or suggestions you may have...
I did a Costco quote as well and found considerable savings going directly to the dealer (on a separate Honda sedan). I too was hoping that they would be the easier solution to a bottom line cost... For some reason the program isn't what you think it should be.

Best way still seems to be to get a few dealer quotes, maybe even use truecar, and then follow up getting them negotiating against each other.

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So I guess it wasn't just me. I was expecting them to do better than that. At least it gave me an idea as to were they are at.

Thanks again. Appreciate it...
Use Costco and Truecar as a reference. They tend to be better on new to market vehicles than ones like the CR-V, that are on their 3rd year of a generation. Your best bet on a 2019 CR-V would be emailing several dealers in your area asking for a price on a specific model and color. If you have a trade-in, all bets are off. Just do your homework.

Both yourself and mnestrud wrote the same thing so I will be gong this route. Funny thing is before posting on the forum after getting the quote back from costco my instinct was to start negotiating with the dealers to see if I can get a better deal but it has been soooooooo long since I have attempted to purchase a new car thought it best to post over here and ask others.

Both of you have been very helpful, thanks.

OBTW no trade in so this should make it easier...
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