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You have to:

1) know the normal prices for the particular dealer
2) read the fine print on the coupons, because honestly... most coupons from dealers are a gimmick to get you into the dealership and do not really offer much of a discount. These are used as tickler incentives to try to even out the flow of vehicles entering their service bays... because some days are notoriously slower for the dealers then other days.

Sometimes you do find a bargain coupon though. When I did my first oil service for my CRV.. I booked the appointment on line and was offered a nice $20 discount when I booked. When I arrived for service, the service adviser offered me their discount of the day, and I noted to him I was given a discount when I booked the appointment and he checked and confirmed it in the computer and told me he would use that discount as it was better then the one for the day. This demonstrated to me that they have a range of moving discounts that can vary as often as daily.. all in the name of attracting service and smoothing out variations in load on the service department. Neither myself of the service adviser had any idea why I was offered the discount online when I booked.... perhaps it was because it was a new CRV and it was it's first visit to the dealer.. or something else. /shrug.

I generally have my Hondas serviced at a different dealer then where I buy them (it's closer and they always have been good and honest with me). The dealer where I buy my Hondas is an outstanding dealer and they do get really good reviews and marks for service as well.. and I get coupon offers from them constantly. What I have observed though is they are still "teaser coupons" and really no better then the dealer where I go for my service..... so I kind of think that in a given area.... the dealers are all effectively competitive on service fees... even though they tend to be a bit higher where I live compared to other cities/states.
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