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Courtesy lights don't work but the map lights do?

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I have a 2004 Honda CRV and the courtesy lights don't work but the map lights do. I could only find one fuse for this and it was ok so is there a relay somewhere? The owners manual is useless and shows a switch for the map/courtesy light which doesn't exist. I have checked all the under bonnet fuses 20 amp and below and they are all ok. Is there a fuse under the steering column which might cover it (although the manual doesn't mention one)? With an inaccurate manual I am at a total loss for what should be a simple fix. Any help would be very much appreciated!!
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On a North American Gen2, The map lights can only be turned on if you press switch on the lens.

They do not illuminate when the doors are open. (Just the overhead light does)

If the overhead light doesn't work when a door is open, one of the door switches might be bad. It is usually the drivers door, as a result of the seat belt buckle getting caught. Look under the rubber cover.

The interior light is controlled by one of the body control systems. If it thinks a door is open too long it turns out the interior lights. (This has saved my battery more than once!)

PS: Check that you have the correct bulb in that ceiling fixture, too. An LED might not work...not sure.
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