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Hi everyone,

I have made the (maybe mistaken) decision to try installing a new head unit in my 2013 CR-V EX-L by myself. Now I'm pretty stumped.

I have familiarity with speakers / electronics in general so am giving it a shot. However, I'm currently stalled out and frustrated because I thought I followed the wiring diagrams perfectly, but am still missing functionality in a few key areas.

My car is the model with navigation / premium audio. So there are 6 speakers and subwoofer + amp (located under passenger seat). I am installing the Pioneer NEX-4500 double din head unit. So far, I've gotten the head unit working, but missing a bunch of functions.

Here is the parts list crutchfield claimed I would need:

-Axxess ASWC-1, Steering wheel controls adapter
-Metra 70-1730 Harness
-6v to 12v Axxess camera voltage step down adapter
-Scosche double din plate
-Axxess antenna adapter
-Also bought a PAC RP4-HD11, but think I will return this and use the AWSC-1

So after doing some research, it was apparent that I'd need to cut and hardwire the following cable connections (due to my having the EX-L model of my car):

-subwoofer (positive and negative), from honda 16 pin harness
-CAN + and CAN - (to connect with ASWC-1 for steering wheel controls), from honda 16 pin vehicle harness
-Video (positive and negative) and Camera Power (positive and negative), from honda 8 pin vehicle harness

I spliced the wires according to the diagram below and connected to my head unit, but nothing from the above list is working. Got the microphone working and routed through pillar trim. I am using a soldering iron and heat shrink for most of the connections. I have not soldered the connection for sub and CAN wires yet, just twisted together with a cap.

Things I need to solve for / am looking for advice:

1. Subwoofer does not work. I made sure to turn it on using head unit's settings. Still nothing. I followed the diagram below. One note - the RCA cable I used was snipped from an old wii av cable - my understanding is that RCA is RCA and it shouldnt make a difference. Connected the silver insulation wire of RCA to the negative sub wire, then the internal copper of RCA to positive sub wire. Nothing works. Also - there is a stereo connection (two RCA) for sub out on my head unit. Do I get a y splitter? Or just plug into one of the two connections?

2. Steering wheel controls still don't work. The axxess AWSC box is giving me mixed results, sometimes telling me vehicle is connected. It's hard to tell whether I correctly spliced the CAN + and CAN - wires. Any way to test this?

3. Hard to tell if speakers #5 and #6 are even working (the small ones on door). Are these just for high end frequencies? I only plugged in 4 RCA plugs from my head unit harness to the metra harness. Wouldn't I be missing those 2 speakers? Or are they routed through the same connection as bigger speakers on front doors?

4. Backup cam - my understanding is that I need to wire the 12v to 6v step down adapter to the cam + and cam -, then I need to hardwire an RCA cable into the video + and video -, then plug the video into my backup cam video input on head unit.

5. Where do I connect the "reverse gear signal" wire? I've looked around and heard mixed results. Some people say by floor panel with the fuses. But there are many cables down there.

6. I read online that the head units by default don't work with dimming when headlights are set to auto - but a work around is to splice the orange/white illumination cable from head unit into the light grey wire from hazard switch. Is this a bad idea?

7.I have the antenna adapter plugged into the appropriate connection on my vehicle and the head unit, however, my head unit still says there is no GPS antenna connected in the settings. Why is this? I did not install GPS antenna that came with the head unit, assuming there was already one built into my car that I'm tapping in to.

If anyone has ideas for any of these questions, I would be very grateful. I've probably spent 6-7 hours so far and am surprised by how much stuff I still haven't got working yet. The biggest things I want to get working first are sub and steering wheel controls.


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Not sure which model year CRV is in this install video but it might give you some ideas. Good luck!


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I think I used a CRUX steering wheel controls adapter--on the adapter itself, I had to choose the brand of radio it was attached to. But the rest all just plugged in, far as I remember it. I did not need a wiring harness from the vehicle to the radio, since the CRUX provided that. And there was an adapter that plugged into the steering wheel control jack on the rear of the radio as well. I don't recall having to splice any wiring in, but mine is a third gen and the steering wheel controls are simpler.

I may use the iDataLink Maestro steering wheel controller next time I do a build.
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