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CR-V 2015 Rim upsized from 17inch to 20 inch

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Hi, I just upgraded my newly bought (second hand) honda cr-v gen 4, 2015 to a 20inch mags from its original 17inch. The look was so cool and admirable however, when I drove through the highway and pick up a speed of 100kph, I noticed a loud engine noise, and strong road noise. I also noticed that my km/liter of gas have increased. Is this due to the change in the size of my wheel? Thanks in advance. Dan
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It might due to change in weight of the wheel and tire.
Driving in Sport mode will also do that.
Honestly my 16 Touring has 18 and virtually no sidewall. I can't imagine you have a sidewall any thicker than a rubber band.
So let's see photos!
20" aren't that bad. I have 20s in my venza.

This one is the real deal rubberband tire. 315/20R30
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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