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I'm planning to completely upgrade my audio system in (EU model) CR-V 2015, with touch screen display - NON Navy.

My plan:

- Sound processing directly from radio (speakers out signal) with Audison BIT ONE or BIT TEN
- 5 channel amplifier Alpine PDX V9 to run all 4 door speakers (90W RMS) + sub (400W RMS), wired via RCA 5 channel from BIT ONE/TEN
- replace all 4 speakers with new, components Morel Maximo 6 wired from amp with new cables
- Sealed sub Audison APBX10 DS

Problem: I can't get anywhere an audio wiring diagram for my head unit


- Is above proposed configuration OK?
- Where should I pick signal from factory radio (HU)?
- I'm not sure if my CRV has separate built in stereo amplifier or not? How can I check this? I assume that better option is wiring in front of factory amp (if exists).
- Steering wheel control (volume up/down) is driving radio (HU) or factory amplifier itself? Otherwise I will loose steering wheel volume button if volume is driven by factory amp.
- It is necessary to wire hands free functions from steering wheel onto BIT ONE/TEN, or they will work anyway through 4 speakers output signal from radio?
- Where is audio signal processed in factory configuration? Do I need to wire up also separate output signal from radio for SUB onto BIT ONE/TEN, or I will get complete frequency range out from 4 speakers outputs from radio?
- If anyone has wiring diagram for my audio unit it will be really helpfull..

Some pictures of factory HU and type on label

IMG_20161002_133703610_HDR.jpg IMG_20161002_133944103_HDR.jpg IMG_20161002_134000822.jpg IMG_20161002_134600179.jpg

Thank you for you support
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