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Need help.

We have 2 Honda CR-V, both 2011 year, 2.0 petrol. manual, and with just ~26000km, driven by two different members of the family.

Recently, on both cars, a noise like drilling or coffee grinding machine is heard when moving uphill (exit from the garage (11%) or else), especially in the moment when the clutch actualy releases.

Best reproduced is if you stop during the hill, and start to go without using the handbrake and balancing between standstill and moving, then the noise is heard for few seconds as the car is start movimg - rrrrrrrrrr.

It might be the clutch plate or else, but don know. Any experience?

I was a huge honda fan (we have plus one accord and civic), but after this, definitely, good bye honda...

Thank you for the help.
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