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As per title.
ATF fluid changed 3 times now and burnished so confident its not that.
I only get this creaking when pulling off from say a set of lights to turn left.
If set off gently - no issue.
I'f I'm a bit enthusiastic with the throttle there's a creaking noise - hardly quiet - like a rubbing noise.
I havent looked into it yet - could be ARB D Bushes or drop links but it seems a little loud for that. Almost as if something is grinding when the load is on the rear right.
I've tried to replicate it whilst standing and the car doesnt make any noise. It's literally when the drive is pushed (and weight shifted) to the rear right.
Rear left doesnt do a thing - it's fine.

Any ideas chaps and chapesses???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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