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Cruise Control Not Working...

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, my 2002 AWD Automatic CRV with 180,000 miles has a cruise control issue. The indicator light lights up when you push the cruise button, and the green cruise control wording appears on the instrument cluster when you push set cruise on the steering wheel. However, the cruise does not engage. What could be the issue?

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Was anything done before this happened? Does the brake lights work?
As otto888man recommended did you check to see if your brake lights go on and off. If the brake lights stay on the cruise will not work. I had this happen to a 04 explorer I own. Once I replaced the faulty brake light switch the cruise worked.
Might be the brake fluid level. If it drops below the sensor, cruise might not work. This happened on a '94 Toyota truck I owned. Easy fix if true!
Check the cable for your cruise control. The clip for mine broke and you can reconnect it and it will work for a short time but eventually had to replace the clip on the wheel on the throttle body.
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