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Hi Guys,

First post from Sydney Australia - G'day.

I have just bought a CRV2000 sports with OEM foglights but the switch is missing. I'm pretty much sure that the switch is above the coin tray/fuse box...can someone confirm. Its right hand drive being Aussie.

In the switch cavity I see three wires poking out - Red, black/white & black/yellow. I have bought an aftermarket switch with 4 pins - power, ground, acc and optional relay. It has a fog symbol and LED that lights up. Can someone tell me which pins connect to which factory wire?

I don't know why the OEM switch is missing :confused: but I hope the foggies are not blown. Can I check if they are ok without removing the front bumper? Maybe continuity test?

Thanks guys.
BTW - great site and great CRV.
Actually my wifes car is a 2003 model.
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