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Hi Guys

My first post and I've come with high hopes for some help.

Bought two weeks ago, test drove for one hour, drove 150 miles to bring home. all fine no problems.

Then next morning it would stall almost every time when I'm off the gas pedal, including whilst turning, whilst stood at traffic lights, basically anywhere i was off the gas pedal. sometimes revs went to normal at idle 7-8000 revs but at times it struggled and u could see revs trying to get normal but would go down to 1000 and even less then it would stall.

took it to garage one and they altered the throttle body a number of times, still no joy so i took it to another garage. After a number of failed attempts i was informed it was a bad throttle body.

So i got it changed to another (one form a running car i was informed). this throttle body now gives a different problem. it doesn't stall but at idle the revs now fluctuate between normal and 2000 revs. I've also lost power but i think thats because the garage has altered the revs on the throttle body.

both garages have now given up.

I am now at a loss what to do? Nobody can tell me for certain what the problem is. Main dealers have said that they will replace parts until it solved the problem. But that could cost me hundreds and i still cannot be sure the problem will be solved.

Can anyone help?

thank you

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Hang in there. I'm sure you will get some good suggestions.
How many miles on your CRV?
Miles since timing belt was changed? I think someone needs to check to make sure the timing belt didn't jump a tooth.
Miles since EGR valve was cleaned or replaced.
Any history from previous owner.
Possible vacuum leak.
Check some of the threads below this post and under the 'Similar Threads' header.
Do more searching in these forums and on the Internet.
Just replacing parts can be very expensive and many times doesn't solve the problem.
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