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I've had a look through quite a few posts and cannot diagnose my problem from any of them.

Over the last 2 months my CRV sometimes takes a few goes clicking over when the key is turned to start. When it does start it doesn't miss a beat.

I had it serviced recently and the mechanic said it started every time for him. The battery is fairly new and he checked it saying it was fine. The spark plugs are in good order. He suggested it might be a starter issue but the starter motor ticks over fine.

Any other ideas rather than forking out for a new starter?

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I just learned something at a car show yesterday...

Many modern cars use both a crankshaft and camshaft sensor to monitor timing and engine running. (If the ECU doesn't 'think' the engine is running, it will not provide fuel...this prevents fires)

What I learned is that if (for example) the crankshaft sensor doesn't detect movement, that eventually the ECU will use the camshaft sensor signal to run the car. The 'early warning indicator' is a failure to start/fire at first. Then it will run OK. (I would suspect that an engine code would be stored.)


You also said this:

sometimes takes a few goes clicking over when the key is turned to start
That is confusing, if you mean that you hear a 'CLICK' but the starter doesn't work, this could be a result of burned contacts in the starter solenoid. You can replace just these contacts for a lot less than what a starter costs.

Ask at a dealer or look at the LINK above (plunger set). Note that the parts are different depending on your V's origin, Japan or UK.
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