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CRV 2011 issue

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So I got the recall notice for the salt issue on the frame, while at the dealer they said I had other issues, One was a oil leak from the oil filter housing, which I will do on my own. The others I don't understand. It says B Pipes Replace $918 USD, Then thermostat housing and bypass pipe to head $ 810 USD. What is a B pipe? and what is the Thermostat bypass pipe to the head.. Thanks . I am hands on, not a mechanic but being retired I dont mind messing around
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This video isn't great, but it will explain the thermostat problem to you

This one isn't too great either, but will explain what a B pipe is
Ah, the dreaded heater pipe, I have a spare in my shed because it will leak one day,
See this post: heater pipe
Also, there was a recent post on this, but I can't find it.
EDIT: found it coolant leak
What was the diagnosis of the inspection of your rear subframe? I was under the impression that if your subframe is rusted and unfixable, Honda will buy back the V so why do they want you to fix all that other stuff if the subframe is even unsalvagable.
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