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Hi Guys,

I currently have a concern as I need to daily use my CRV Touring 2019 to access a concrete slope daily (4 times a day) to park my vehicle in a shaded area under a highway. There were two pairs of wooden slopes earlier however it was worn out and the metal nails came protruding out on one of the slopes which could be dangerous and puncture my tires. I decided to replace it with a concrete slope and paid the mason a minimal wage to get the job done. However, I didn't want to get a professional job done since it's a public property owned by the government. The concrete slope was built rather flat and then sloping downwards. I actually expected it to be built like a ramp style but this didn't happen.
I just needed something to just serve my purpose so I can access the parking lot easily. However, a day after the concrete slope (made from cement) dried up I started accessing it. I have noticed that for climbing up the slope I need to push on the accelerator a bit more to get the vehicle move on top. When exiting the parking zone, I move the car slowly with brakes held on but I still feel a bump when departing down from the slope. I don't see any realtime AWD indicator pop up anywhere in the instrument cluster.
Now, I'm actually concerned whether my vehicle suspension and mechanical parts would have any impact in the long run if I access this slope on a daily basis (4 times a day). I'm worried that the shock absorbers (dampers) and tires are put to daily strain and would get weakened faster than their expected shelf life. Please clarify this important aspect and would appreciate your comments and feedback on this topic.

* Photos of the concrete slope are attached.


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