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We bought on January a CRV Touring 2019 at Honda Gabriel because our children want a panoramic moonroof and it is time to have a new car for safety features.

After 13 years in a CIVIC 2006 bought 13 years ago, now with 330000 km, we are enjoying our new CRV gunmetal metallic color which is almost black.

The SUV is so perfect for our family. Every day, bringing kids to school and go to work. Every weekday, I parked my car on a major street in Montreal at the workplace.

One day of February, after the work, I went to get the car and didn't find it. The car was stolen during the day. Can't believe that, only 5 weeks used.

Insurance company and police still under investigation and we still continuing paying our bi-weekly payment.

However, I really recommend the CRV , nice design, very spacious, but doesn't have a wireless charger .
Yes I agree putting on a tracking device. We love our 2016 CRV Touring except for Brake problems. Rear rotors and pads at 40,000 and all rotors and rear pads at 75000. Unacceptable
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