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Hi all,

I own a first gen CRV 1998 and I m thinking about a possible suspension lift to gain some additional clearance for offroad and for the nice look.

I ve read pretty much all the threads about this topic here but I m yet not able to take the decision to go for it or not. If I do it, most likely I will go for the suspension spacers option, possibly machined in aluminium.

I dont want something drastic nor want to convert my CRV into a monster truck, I want to go for a max 1" 1/2 in the rear suspension and 1 " in the front.

I also went ahead and read the possible cons, but here is where I m a bit confused, since opinions on Internet are very generic, people talk about extra stress on several parts, busted boots or ball joints, etc, but these opinions obviously do not mention anything about the amount of lift, and I guess it s different a 1 " lift on acrv than a 6 " lift on a pickup truck, you know what I mean?

So I would like to shoot these questions here, to get some specific answers hopefully from first hand experience, of someone that did a no more than 1" to 1 1/5 " suspension lift with spacers, about how things went over time, more specifically:

1- Was there a big difference in the ride feeling? Is it very different from driving a stock CRV?
2- Have you seen a significant additional wear of specific parts, which ones?
3- Any additional problems or downsides you ve seen after some time?

I guess I just dont want to mess up my CRV by doing something wrong, I live in Costa Rica, no winter here and tropical weather all year long, so the car is in perfect shape. since this is a mild lift, I want to be sure that the disadvantages are not greater than the advantages.

Please try to keep in mind while answering that the lift will not be more than 1 to 1 1/2 " max.

I m attaching a picture with a simulation of what I want to achieve, by jacking the car up manually to the height I would like to obtain from the lift. The first one is the car stock and the second one the car lifted. As you can see, there is not a huge difference. I dont plan to change my tires for now since they are brand new, I m using Maxxis A/T 205 70 R15.


Thanks for any help you guys could provide.

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