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It's a 1998 5 speed manual, 4wd, EX. Has about 184k miles on it, I've been changing the oil regularly and keeping up with maintenance.

The Problem: I stalled my car in the parking lot and noticed the RPM's were a little weak, and when I pulled out onto the main road and went into second, the rpm's dipped way down even when I gave it gas, I thought the clutch was slipping or something. I stopped and started back up again in first and seemed to be having no issues, but once I got to around 35mph and went into fourth, it dipped again and died. When I tried to restart my engine, the ignition worked fine and the engine started turning over, but once I got it started(in neutral) they started to dip again. I gave it gas and it still struggled, and like a dumbass I put it in first and stalled it again. When I got it off the road, trying to start it a third time started up the engine, but the rpm's went down to as low as a couple per second(I could count them) but wouldn't die, so I shut of the engine. Now when you try and start it, the ignition starts but the engine won't spark.

Things to mention: It's been around 10 degrees Fahrenheit on average the last couple weeks and my car isn't liking it, when it still ran, I would start the engine successfully, except there would be a sort of grating screech for a second right after the engine started fully. It wasn't loud or to terribly awful sounding to me, so I assumed it was the cold, it doesn't do it if the engine has been running and is shut off again. The brake light also doesn't go off in the cold.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm dead broke so I can't even afford to have it towed, it's in a parking lot near where I live now. If this was the wrong place to post this or if there's already an identical thread, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks!
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