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Hi All,

I'm stumped. The Canadian bought 2010 CR-V EX 4WD is in Europe with Mom and she would like to know if the factory installed engine block heater will work with 240 volts? Can she plug it in with a Euro plug without having to convert voltage? I cannot find voltage specs in the 500+ page car manual or the 15 page Honda block heater installation guide. Honda sales/service people don't know.

I need a referenced answer please, with a link where you got the info guessing or complex wattage calculation please...Mom's not an electrician and I'm not a mechanic - we don't want the car to burn down or damage to result from experimentation.

Someone wrote a post on Honda insight central net forum about using a 600 volt diode to cut the 240 voltage supply to the block heater in half, but I haven't a clue what that means practically - how to achieve that step-by-step:

"You can run the 120v block heater on a 240v supply with a simple 50 cent 600V 6A diode in series with it which cuts the effective AC voltage to the heater in half." (huh?)

I can't post a link yet because this is my first post, but the forum post title for the above quote is:

Mom is retired, not mechanically inclined, and will only be able to do extremely basic things, like plug it in. So if the diode solution is something I can mail her and she can just plug it in, then that's great.

Thanks a lot for any referenced, simplified step-by-step assistance.
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