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Hello friends,
I joined the forum a couple of years back and information present in forum saved me time and money many times.
I am writing this time to find root cause of an issue i am facing since an year or so.

My CRV 2003 sometimes get stuck in P gear. I'll put a screw driver under shifter and can put it in R to take the car out.
once its out of P i can go from R to D and back without screwdriver, only thing is that the car will kind of jump when i shift and will continuously be on high RPM.
In such cases I noticed that I need to push harder on break to stop the car and it feels like car is trying to move when car is ideal, in such cases the RPM will be 2k+, some times even 3.5k.

I've noticed that issues comes when I am stuck in stop and go trafic or while I am taking K turn, parrelel parking etc. basically where frequent shifing of gear is involved or I am in trefic.
Once the issue starts car goes on high RPM and when break is applied stops with a jerk. Once I put it in park, I'll need to put screwdriver in the hole under the shift stick to put it in R or D.
The problem goes once I park the car for 4-6 hours or overnight.
It doesnt always happens, only say once or twice a month.

Need your help to find out what the issue can be, so that I know what I am dealing with when I go to auto repair.
I have no intention of fixing it myself.

Thanks in Advance.
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