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Crv kangaroo 2002

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Just got my crv 2002 changed coil pack and lamber censor but it still kangaroos at less than 30000 revs. It's ok when it's cold but not when it's warm. Can anybody help. Next on the list is cat censor.
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Moved to the Gen2 area. :eek:


You are 'shotgunning' parts. Do you have a misfire code? Did you use a proper wide-band Lambda (O2) sensor?

If not I'd first clean the throttle body; then clean the Idle Air Control.

If the surging/hopping happens at road speeds, you might need a Throttle Position Sensor. They have been known to go bad.

BUT you might be best off having a pro look at your car. See if the TPS signals are uniform as the throttle travels along its trajectory. And, have and CEL codes read.

Post back with results.
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