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I bought a Honda CRV 2007 back in December 2015 here in México. It is an EX AWD, althouh I don't really know in this moment if it is an 4AT or 5AT. It's a silver blueish color, in overall good condition, 175,000 KMs (already rode 10k KMs since bought).

I wanted to buy a 2012 or newer CRV but changed my mind when I realized they were made in México. Also, this one was cheaper, made in Japan, and the old owner (an old lady) was pretty much babysitting it since she bought it brand new from the dealer years ago.

Even though it is around 10 years old, it is overall the best car i've bought. I've had a Chevy Malibu 1999, a Mazda 3 2008 and right now an Opel Astra G 2003 (german hatchback, I love it, won't sell ever, also cheap).

Only thing replaced was the right side front strut mount that started knocking around a month ago, and a full tune up 3 months ago.

Aaah! I forgot to mention, her husband also bought 3 extras from the dealership back in those days.
1) A trunk tail spoiler
2) Roof frame bars
3) Exterior side door steel bars

Funny thing is, when making the deal, I realized all this extras were around 30k MXN (she had papers that acknowledged the purchase from the dealer). I asked her if she was willing to remove them as I only needed stock truck, no need for extras, and she answered she hadn't realized those were actually extras, thanked me for being honest on pointing that out, and she told us her husband had died recently, and he was the one who bought all that stuff. Considering the situation, she said she wasn't really interested on keeping them, or in selling them externally, so, if we could make a deal that same day and receive the money that same week, that she was going to consider them a gift to us.

So, pretty much, this was an awesome deal! Cheaper than what I was expecting to spend in the first place (2012+ vs a 2007), also considerably cheaper vs another 2007s around, and with extras that also accumulate.

The only issue since 3 days ago with my CRV is that it started to "smoke" from the A/C dash vents, smells like coolant, so, I may have a Heater Core issue. I bypassed the Heater Core using a U pipe in order to continue driving it, so i'll make a thread in order to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks everyone, and Saludos from México.
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