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With the CRV vibration Issue nearing a year since owners began complaining is it possible for the CRV Owners Club web site, on behalf of all members, contact Honda directly and ask for an official update regarding this problem? The 2 video updates on YouTube posted by Honda have acknowledged that there is indeed a problem but to date only a reflash to fix of the 3 vibration mode issues identified by Honda has been addressed. It appears that there are some Honda USA employees who frequent this site and maybe they would be able to get an official update besides the "we are working on it".

Some members have patiently waited almost a year with this problem. It is not some factitious issue affecting a small number of drivers. I think after a year Honda does owe its loyal owners a more detailed explanation. I think most people understand that cars mechanicals are complicated and that there is no such thing as a quick fix.

I'm a believer in the adage of there is strength in numbers and having once voice representing many owners asking for an update affecting its membership may prove more effective than many smaller voices.

Thank you :)
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