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Well, here we go again! First let me thank you in advance for your input. I still have a 2006 CRV EX AWD with 113,000 miles on it. Suddenly I cannot
get the tailgate to open. The top window will open. The FOB will unlock the tailgate along with the rest of the car, but it will only open about 1/4 inch.
I even stuck my finger in the little hole on the interior tailgate cover, and I can feel it unlocking but still not able to open only a slight bit. Using the key
as a manual key also unlocks it but only lets it open that slight amount. A good shop in the area said they have seen this and many times if you really
slam the tailgate it will open, and then you can check to see if the striker is loose. Sounds good, but I cannot get it open to slam it.

I should say that I did have a trailer hitch and wiring done today. They did open the tailgate to do the work, but when they went to show me the work
we could not get it open. Nothing that they did appears to interfere with the tailgate in any way. The Honda shop I use agreed that there was nothing
they would generally do to install this type of hitch and wiring that would cause this.

Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike
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