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CRV up hill snow.

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I got into some deep snow over the weekend in my 2017 EX AWD. The CRV gave everything it had on the last hill at the end of the video.
Edit: The Tires are All Season BFGoodrich - Advantage TA Sport LT
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Well done! Thanks for sharing the video.
Yea, nice video. The crv is good in the snow even with the stock tires. I might have some new skins next season, looking forward to that. I put Vredestein Quatracs on my Vibe this year, they are awesome. I'm stuck to the road going and stopping. They come in the size my crv needs so I'll probably go with those.
It'd be fun to compare all the different gen CRV's on the same hill. I'd love to test my RD1 w/AT's against some others.
I'd need something way more challenging than that if going to compare CRVs. My Odyssey would like walk right up that hill, the tires on my CRV wouldn't even notice that and I don't have traction control or anything on my 2003.

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Good video. Thanks for sharing. What's the general location of that beautiful area?
Good video. Thanks for sharing. What's the general location of that beautiful area?
Murphys, California. It usually doesn’t snow there. 10 more miles up the highway in Arnold and Big Trees is more expected.
Just Google Earth Murphys and its cool looking. We were in that general area two or three years ago crossing I-80 then dropping down I-5 to the LA area, All I can say is boy California has a lot of cars and a lot of road construction. When you are from a rural area in Kentucky and driving a 55 foot long motorhome/Honda combination you notice things like that!!!
Thanks again for the posting!
can't wait to see the Mud vid next
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