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Cubby liners

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Just ordered these to line all the compartments in my new CRV. Has gotten good reviews.

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Just put them in and they fit like a glove. Good quality too. Only bad thing is they are not labeled. You have to go to the website and print out a diagram and then try and figure out which one each is. Not easy as some look very similar. But, I am very happy with the outcome. Note, the ones I bought are for 2020-2021 models only. I do not know if they would fit 2017-2019 models.
Wish they had these for 2015 CR-V
Take a look here.
Interesting, pretty sure mine has removable inserts from the factory?
I would be surprised if it did.
Yes, there is one in that cubby but it is hard plastic. This set includes rubber ones for every cubby which is softer on things you put in them and also helps keep things from sliding around. And, they can be taken out and washed.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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