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CVT oil change

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2016 CVT fluid change not going good.
I thought there would be good info on YouTube or forums but they are all missing something

what I did piecing the accord videos with the CRV ones is as follows

1) Loosened up small oil check bolt. Alot came out , mine has never been changed. I’m thinking it was overfilled from factory.
2) Removed drain plug
3) cleaned drain plug
4) installed drain plug with new crush gasket
5) put 4 qts fluid in fill port
6) shifted through all the gears 5 seconds each one
7) used the last quart , almost off of it
8) opened up oil check bolt and some oil comes out initially but then stops immediately

Seems like it needs more cuz the fluid level doesn’t continually run out, I’m I missing anything?
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My 2016 CR-V with a CVT transmission was a complete surprise or even shock when I discovered that one needs to change approximately every 25,000 miles. I have also been surprised upon finding information and getting solid info on the procedure etc. No more Helms manuals, I had one got Gen II and have one from my 2008 and 2010 Gen III. Don't think they had a CVT transmission at that time. So, I drained the transmission oil, replaced with 4 qts of the proper oil, oil flowed from the fill plug. After 20,000, a noise developed and within 10 miles that noise was the death cry of the transmission. $2,950 for a replacement. Still looking for a real good service manual, suggestions. T.Y.
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