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The install was done in Fort Mac by the only shop here. I have spoken to the manager with no results,I don't believe the BBB can do anything except have theire name in system if people ask BBB about them before getting work done. They have no power to make things happen. However it is an idea to talk with the BBB.
if you have the money and time, take them to small claims court.
I dont think BBB will give you any good results at all. if they're the only shop in your area, people have no other choice - but to go to them for installs. so whether they have a good or bad rating with BBB, people dont really have a choice.

threaten the shop that you will go to the media and BBB if they dont fix it. if that dont work, you're SOL unless you do small claims court.

goodluck and keep us posted.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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