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Ok, so continued from Part 1.

So we were trying to hide the wire behind the dash.
Remove the lower dash by tugging.


With the lower dash a bit out of the way you can remove these screws. Watch the wiring that's attached, you'll need to unhook and rehook when putting the trim back.

Here's the panel off, you can see my dash cam wire snaking down the metal part and it tucks nicely into that groove to get on the inside of the dash.

I found that this metal cradle was perfect for storing my extra wires. So I zip tied them to it.


Under the dash, by the fuse box, there's also a little lip that can store the voltage monitor. You can even use double sided tape to keep it there more securely.


Also, here's where I tapped into ground. The other two wires are fuse tapped, see my post here for that.

Now put all the trim back and it'll look perfect.

So that's it's, the wire should be completely hidden along the driver's side of the car. I also have a rear cam which I routed along the passenger side, under the mats and under the cargo trim, but that's another post.

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Excellent detail!

While my dashcam is not hardwired, I simply used a trim tool to prize open the trims to hide the cabling into.

Either way, people will find whatever works best for them.

Appreciate you sharing this, regardless. Thank you! 👌
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