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2021 Honda CRV Sport
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I bought a new front and rear dash cam. I looked at ways to install it, I researched ways of taking the trim off. How would I wire the rear cam..? But I could only find drabs of info here and there.
So I thought I'd do my own write up. If anyone has a new front and rear dash cam. This might help.
I recomend anyone getting a front and rear dash cam. I was rear ended last year. It caught everything. The person who rear ended me changed his tone and habit as soon as he realised I had a camera.

So I had a old front and rear dash cam on my old 2002 Honda. 1080P front and 720p on the rear.
This had a suction-cup attachment on the front camera. A big screen for the front camera and I had wired the rear cam through the headliner. I do not recommend going through the headliner.
I put the front camera on my new CRV. But whole camera looked bulky. The new angle of the windscreen made the long attachment arm of the dash cam weird. It looked like this big thing hanging off. The distnce from the attachment down to the camera made the placement odd and not discreet.

So I ordered a new cam.
I orderd this one of Alibaba. The distance from the attachment to the front windscreen was short. This was important.
It was about $100 Canadian. Higher resolution on the front and rear cam is 1080P.
Alibaba Dash Cam E-Ace B44

It arrived pretty quick. It came within three weeks. I was rather impressed.
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Get a packet of clips from Amazon. They are clips that can lock and they have 3M.
You will also need a heat gun.
(edit: I will add photos later)


Front Cam

The front camera is pretty straightforward. The attachment to the front windscreen is a 3M sticker. Once it is on it is not coming off. Beware.
The power cable attaches to this. So play around where you would like to put this before sticking it.
The windscreen on the new 2021 is slightly curved. This will affect the angle of the camera. The camera only adjusts up and down and NOT side to side.

The dash cam attaches on magnetically to the attachment. This is so it can be put away if needed. Its pretty cool.
I attached mine like this. (I'l attach photos later, I just realised the photos I took were too dark).

I started to hardwire it. But when I got under the fusebox. I was a bit bamboozled. I looked at the manual and I pulled out a fuse related to the tow attachment. But it did not work and I just gave up (I was doing this at 4am).
I ended up using the 12v port in the centre console. I put the wire under the passenger side mat. Followed the crease under the side trim, tucked into the A pillar and tucked across the ceiling trim.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Bumper Grey

The car is started the camera comes on.

Rear Cam.

This had me puzzld for a bit as on my old car (2002 CRV). The truck door opens sideways. On the new CRV it opens upwards. So my concern was where do I put the rear camera and how do I do it so the wire does not get jammed when then hatch closes. 馃槙

I found a video and I think its on one of the other threads. It shows how the rear door is disassembled. You don't need to do that. You also don't need the plastic trim tool. But feel free to use it.

The rear dash cam comes attached with a long cable. The rear camera is attached via a port. This can be pulled off so you can do the thread the wiring the then attach the camera once done. Most of the rear cams that are ordered are generic. They come like this.

The rear top plastic panel pops off. Just be gentle but firm. You can also pull the right rubber hose. Thread the wire through this. Be patient.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive mirror Auto part

Then pull the wire out through the other side of the trim through the inside of the car.
Note: Any excess wiring you can hide in that plastic trim.
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Attached the camera like this and pushed in the rubber hose. Its a tight fit.

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On the inside of the car. I continued the wire to the right rear passenger side door. I initially went down and through the plastic trim at the bottom. But the wire was about 30-40cm too short to the camera.
So I put clips on the ceiling trim.
I used a heat gun to heat up the glue. Then attached clips. Forgive me for the dark photos. I'l update later in the week in daylight.

Hood Automotive exterior Fixture Vehicle door Motor vehicle

I did the same hid the wires through the ceiling at the front windscreen. The attached to the camera.
Its a lot more cleaner.

Automotive mirror Communication Device Automotive design Personal luxury car Rear-view mirror

I'l edit and attach better photos later in the week. I just wanted to get this written up. I hope this helps anyone else not sure. Its really easy and simple to do front and rear.

2021 Honda CRV Sport
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More photos as promised.

These are the clips I bought from Amazon. Once you put a cable in them, they can be snapped closed.

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This is a snapshot of the new camera vs the old. You can see the old dash cam hangs lower, is bigger and looks clunky.
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Mirror Automotive side-view mirror Car Vehicle Wheel

New camera from the front.

Sky Window Hood Vehicle Automotive mirror

The clips help the wiring hang a bit more secure and not dangling everywhere.

Tire Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design

Rear Cam with the trunk down.

Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Automotive mirror Automotive exterior

2021 Honda CRV Sport
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Not a criticism, but curious as to why you use clips which are visible instead of getting some trim tools and not prize open the trim and neatly tuck the wires behind there?

Thats what I've done with mine. No wires visible at all.
Fair question. I just bought the vehicle a few months back. I really don't feel confident taking part of the ceiling trim and rubber off. I also don't have access to a garage with good lighting. I did this in the underground parking I have.
I did some of wiring on my old vehicle and it did not fix back right. Thats just me.
I usually run the wire through the handles through to the back. I did that on my old 2002 and used the trunk 12V to power the dash cam.
The direct plastic panels I am fine with taking off. The clips were a good inbetween I guess.

2021 Honda CRV Sport
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View attachment 151844

I tapped this fuse for dash cam, bought a 12V adapter from Amazon, hooked up to fuse tap, grounded on a bare bolt behind pedal assembly, very easy. No wires at all now in centre console. This fuse is only hot when ignition is on for safety. I opt鈥檇 out of using the 鈥渟entry鈥 mode on dash cam which requires a constant-on fuse.
Trim tools are great for this - they allow enough space for you to tuck the wires in and no need to take any trim piece off at all :)
Thanks for the photo. Much appreciated.
I might give this a ago next summer when the weather warms up. I'l try a direct connection and I might hide the wires too.

I've installed over a 1/2 dozen dash cameras thru the years, and think what you did is perfectly fine Tony_Tiger. Lately I've run camera plug-in cables directly to the 12V adapters in the console because I get bamboozled by fuse panel hookups too. I've found that over time you get used to everything and don't even notice the exposed wires. It may not be a factory install look, but it's good enough.

PS. Good move getting one. Police can be difficult to deal with. They can be even more difficult when they feel they've been played, as the person who fibbed about my daughter's driving found out after the police saw her car's video.
Thanks. I agree you dont see the wires after a while. I did the same on my ex girlfriends Nissan Versa. I did a direct connection to the fusebox. Hid the wires in the plastic panelling below and then clips up the side and onto the hatch door.
I had a front and rear cam on my old CRV too. I was rear ended last year and it caught everything. The driver was all pleasant at first. Then he said I had no damage while his car was damaged. He was trying to convince me not to go through insurance as he was worse off. I insisted on going through insurance. What was interesting was that once the driver became aware I had a camera, his tone became quite direct and mean. It also turned out I had non visible damage.
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