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Death Valley National Park
Camp Out

February 23-24-25

"remote, off the beaten path and hundreds of miles from knowhere"


Camping - peaceful and beautiful in a spectacular location
Hiking - desert fuana, rock canyons, old mines and mineral wonders
Biking - 735 miles of paved and unpaved roads, great for touring or MB
Touring - cruise & groove your way around a park the size of Conneticut
Evening Coyote Concertos - coyote group howlings, all night, every night
Photo Ops Galore - fantastic opportunities for anyone with a camera
Desert Wildflower Bloom - if this is on it will freak you out.. its soo beautiful
Titus Canyon 26 Mile Auto Tour - crawl through narrow fossil filled canyons in your ride
Star Gazing - drop in on the constellations and see what's happening up there
UFO Hunt Club - it's UFO Central here, but can we spot one?
Petroglyphs - ancient grafitti from ancestrial taggers
Fossils - Titantotheres, Trilobites, tapis, fish, corral, old Chevys and Fords
Kite Flying - go fly a kite, bring em if you got em
Zabriski Point - DV landmark, movie title and best place to watch a sunset with your sweetie
Mysterious Racetrack Playa - wierd sliding rocks, giant shuffle board on a dry lake bed
Teakettle Junction - on the way to Racetrack, hang a teakettle on the sign post
Ryolite Ghost Town - Bottle House and Alanis Morrisette video "You Otta Know" shot here
Telescope Peak 12,040 ft - the highest peak in the park
Badwater 282 ft - below sea level, get down and funky with your "bad selves" at Badwater
Sand Dunes - Ibex, Stovepipe Wells, Panamint, Saline Valley to name a few
Ubehebe Crater - volcanic crater field also features Little Ubehebe and friends
Natural Bridge - superb short hike and many more like it
Critters - Porcupines, Ringtail Fox, Kit Fox, Bobcat, Mountain Lion & more
Birds - Loons, Cormorants, Swans, Snow Goose, Hawks & more


Hello CR-Vers! About a month ago the Element Owners Club began putting together our first camping trip for 2007.
What we have in mind is outstanding.
"Death Valley National Park"

This was initially a EOC gig. Then a few days ago we thought to invite the ROC and got a fabulous response from them. Now we're inviting you as well. At the moment there's about 25 Elements and Ridgelines planning to attend and it would be very kewl to drop some CR-Vs into the mix.
You are all cordially invited to attend. :D

Detailed information for this trip can be found in the Element Owners Club forum under Common Issues for all Californians. The thread title is "Death Valley NP"
There you will find oodels of info on the trip and get to see who all is going.

Here's some links to the park so you can get an idea of what it's like and why we are so jazzed about going there.

This trip will require making on-line reservations or you can do it by phone.
It's easy to do by going to the park web site

Campground: Furnace Creek Camping Mixed Section

By phone: 800-365-2267

The campground has 136 sites. Currently there are about "36" sites left that are still available to reserve.
You'll need to reserve your campsite as soon as you can before it sells out for the week end of Feb. 23rd.
Please let me know if you have any problems, questions or need additional info.

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Our Fearless leader T-Mac is Never Wrong:

Thank you T-Mac for linking it all up.

Really guys, we've yet to see one CR-V at any of our camping trips.:(

So can we get a nod from some NorCal & SoCal CR-Vers here? :cool:
Heck, we even have members from Arizona and Nevada attending this gig as well! :eek:

Perhaps you may feel a bit apprehensive or shy about going on one these gigs for the first time.
That's normal, and we've all felt that way for the first time only to find out that it's completely unfounded.
These trips are a guaranteed good time !

So put on your party hats, toss any doubts that you may have into the shredder and prepare yourselves for lotza of big time fun. The folks there that you'll meet are wonderful and you'll be treated like family. :D

Check out these superb B&W Photos from photogapher extrodinare Phil Kember and get a gander of some of the incredible things you'll see at Death Valley National Park.

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Some CRV-OC members have CB radios installed in their CRVs, these campig trips would be a great oppurtunity for club members to communicate using their CB radios.
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