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First time poster here on this informative forum. Thanks for making it available.

I am looking for a good used 3G CR-V for our single parent son and his young daughter. It has to be reliable and safe ..and within our budget.
His own car is on its last legs so we need to get something relatively soon.

Been looking for quite sometime now but probably due to the time of year (Jan/Feb) there ain't a lot of used CR-V's out there, at least within 150 kms of us.

There is one car though that is at a Toyota dealership about 1 hr drive away. The vehicle is a one-owner 2010 EX-L with Nav that was brought in on a trade-in.
I've only seen it online and have 'chatted' with the salesguy about it.

The vehicle looks in descent shape by the photos (even comes with spare winter tires mounted on steel rims), BUT the 'fly in this ointment' is that it has 162k kms on the clock! I asked for and received a Carfax on it too, and aside from one $4500 front end accident just after it was purchased in 2010, the record is relatively clean. Another big problem is that both the Carfax and this non-Honda dealership do not have any service records available at all. They cite privacy issues in pursuing either the previous owner for service records or contacting the selling dealership for them.
I'm suspicious about that (can't the original dealer service records be accessed through Honda via the VIN?).

They say their shop has thoroughly gone over the car and after doing the brakes, pronounced it as a good example -- 'otherwise they wouldn't put it on the lot if it wasn't in "exceptional condition"' would instead go to either auction or a secondary used car lot.
And what about recalls and TSB's -- do they have in-house expertise or access to the necessary Honda details for that work?

So this is now where we stand. Limited info (by our criteria), and an hour's drive away only to be disappointed. However, as it's been on their lot for a month, they are open to offers on its (higher than normal) listed price and will even provide a 30 day PT warranty (still an hour's drive though). So those benefits could mitigate some risk.

I would like know your real thoughts on this lead and how we can drop some of the risk of spending $15k on a car with such high kms and no service history.
We are prepared to just move on and wait until Spring if this is just a low supply and high demand anomaly.
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