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Here's my deep scratches. Scratched from a cement block, needs cleaning, probably sanding, down to metal in a lot of areas, needs primer.

I have OEM touch-up paintpen w/ clearcoat and I want to tackle this in this weekend. I understand that it won't look close to perfect, however to get a full repaint will be 1/5 the value of the entire car.

Which deep scratch repair method do you prefer:

Side questions:

1. Do you prefer using Langka's Blob Remover over sanding?
2. Do you prefer to mix the touch up paint + clear coat paint? Or do both separately?
3. What's your favorite touch-up primer?

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From your picture, you have actual damage to the metal forming/structure as well. Unless you are skilled at metal repair, you are looking at needing a professional here. This is not just sand and paint, based on what I see here.

Of course the real question is.. how "back to original" are you seeking?

If you don't care about the minor metal deformity and just want to resurface and repaint.... then just about any competent guide on the internet for paint repair will suffice. Your number 3 in your list looks competent to me. Then it gets down to your actual skills, patience, attention to detail, and paint choices.

In my view, assuming you have the skills for sand, prime, and is more about the quality and type of primer and paint you use for the repair. You will have primer, base coat, and clearcoat to deal with, and I do not suggest cutting corners on the paint supplies in this regard. So do some research on who has the best paint for your particular model, year, and color. Most providers of supplies for small repair paint jobs will sell you a complete kit for primer, paint, clearcoat, and sanding and polishing materials.
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