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When I bought my car new, they had a company there that detailed every new car. The wax lasted a really long time and did not attract dust compared to Nxt Wax by Meguiars. Any recommendation on wax that can be bought on Amazon or locally?

What wax do they use to make the shine last a long time?
If you go to the wax on/wax off forum below under the keeping the black panther clean thread, there are pictures of a CR-V that I recently put a paint sealant on and then waxed and a picture of my brother's NISMO 370Z.

My brother and I both use Pinnacle wax and detail products from The sealant I put on my friends CR--V is from Klasse also on Adams is another company that has a pretty good line of products.

My Honda dealer actually uses a paint sealer instead of wax and it looks nice, but I asked them to just wash my new CR-V and let Me take over from there. My CR-V is Diamond White Pearl. I did not seal it, only used Pinnacle Souveran Wax and use Pinnacle Crystal Mist to detail it after hand washing with Pinnacle auto shampoo. If it was a dark color, like my friend's Modern Steel, I would have sealed the paint first.

As far as tire dressing is concerned, some are better than others. The products that you get at Walmart usually don't last long and turn the rubber brown or gray and you have to re-apply often to keep them black. I don't have a brand recommendation, but there are a few better products available at Pep Boys or on that cost about twice what Tire Black or Armorall cost that last longer and will not discolor rubber.
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