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Heh... how would you define "good"? :)

Certified used (by Honda), or just used? Did it come with an active HondaCare policy (these are transferable during the life of the policy). What color? (Some colors, like white pearl, seem to carry a premium on resale.

23000 is right in the middle range for that trim level, miles, and year according to KBB (KBB fair price range is 21750-25400). So definitely a "fair price". You are not getting gouged, nor have you found the rock bottom price (which honestly is kind of rare for CRVs unless you find an anxious private owner sale).

Certified used would be about $1500 higher typically at that age and trim level, and a HondaCare transfer would probably add whatever pro-rates is remaining.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts