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Diff Oil changed but left with pulsing in steering

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Diff oil changed twice because of bad shaking when sharp turning for parking etc. However now I am left with like a pulsing in the steering wheel left and right this is at crawling speed or when stopped, I didn’t have it before the former problem. Any solutions/answers?
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What's the condition of the power steering fluid? Have you changed that? Did the pulling start after work was performed?
If you are feeling a pulse at low speed, you may have a belt separation in a front tire (just a coincidence).

Best way to diagnose is to swap tires front to back to see if that changes anything.

Rear differential fluid causes moaning BTW, not shaking, so you MAY have had that condition beforehand.
That shaking is frequently caused by bad CV joints too. If rotating your tires doesn't help, check your axle shafts.
Did you use the currect Honda oil? Wrong dif oil will cause whole car to shake.
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