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differential fluid (with AWD)

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First time user here and was wondering when most users change the differential fluid (with AWD) on their 2018 CRV AWD ?

I was surprised when the dealer told me it was due, as I have 23,000KM or 14,000 miles. I changed it but was wondering about the future interval and the possible warranty implications?

Replace rear differential fluid (with AWD)


Capacity: 1.2 L (1.3 US qt)
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First alert comes up at like 13/14k i believe
After that its a little longer.

If you dont follow the maint schedule and have a catastrophic failure its what they will use to try to avoid fixing..... unless you stand the ground.

14 hondas later here and easier to just stick to the script
Follow the maintenance schedule (mm), ignore the dealer.
IIRC the 6 comes up the first time, at the closest oil change to 15,000 miles. (So that is what the dealer indicated)

After that the 6 comes up every 30k miles.
Sorta on topic.
I have a Gen.3 2011, when the heck does the rear fluid change come up (interval).
All is well, we must have put 30k on by now, it's never come up on the mm. Everything else has been clicking right along, oil changes, transmission flui, spark plugs, coolant, etc.
If you have 30K on the diff fluid, change it. Cheap insurance.

'Back in the day" Honda was 'optimistic' with recommended intervals. (With Gen 1 and Gen2, the manuals said 90K miles!)

I think with Gen 4 they reprogrammed the MM to indicate the change at 15K at first then 30K after that.
Thanks Buff, was hoping you'd answer. I won't wait much longer then.
Last week, I took my 2018 Honda CRV EX AWD to the dealer for service. They recommended that I changed the Rear Differential Fluid at 13,799 mileage. They told me I don't have to worry about it until 30,000 mileage.
In my humble opinion, unless they see something unusual, the dealer should not be recommending any service not indicated by the maintenance minder.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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