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Just want to share with you what happened to me and my 2004 Honda CR-V.

As some of you probably know already, there's a recall on a possible issue with the headlight dimmer on certain model Hondas. I went to my Honda dealer and they changed something. (Forgive me as I'm not into mechanical issues.)

On my way to church this past Sunday it was raining. The whole sky was very dark like night-time. I turned on my wipers and headlights. I pulled up behind a vehicle at a red-light and my lights didn't reflect off the vehicle. I pulled into a strip mall and facing my CRV to the plate-glass window, I could see I had neither bright nor dim lights. Thankfully I did have park lights.

I took my CRV back to the Honda dealer and they quickly corrected the problem. Sorry I can't relay what the problem was but I'd advise you to check your headlights prior to leaving the dealership. In my case, I had to travel a good distance to an authorized dealer so hopefully this note will aid someone else from having the same problem.

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