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DIY Hitch Receiver Installation

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Today I received my Curt 13119 hitch for my 2012 CR-V EXL. Got a good price on it, too. Bought it from JC Whitney with a 20% coupon, and the delivered price was $105. Now, it's time to put it on. The installation videos on the interwebs show the removal of the undercarriage cover, cutting out the hole where the driver's side hitch bracket will mount, and replacing the cover. I'm wondering if it is really necessary to remove the cover. Since the dimensions for the cutout are graphed out pretty well in the installation instructions, wouldn't it be possible to do the cutting without removing the panel? Has anyone ever done the installation without removing the panel?


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Dang, I've been sitting on a Curt Class3 hitch since last Summer.

I'm finally ready to get it installed but the thought of going to U-Haul made throw up in my mouth a little.

Any recommendations for a local mechanic who can handle install on a 2014 CR-V EX-L?
Any mechanic you trust should be able to do it for you. It REALLY isn't difficult or complicated...especially if you have a lift and a helper.

I have neither, and my back isn't great, so I'd rather take it to someone who won't do a hack job. :)
I guess nobody in the DE area?
I gave UHaul a call. They said sure come down by 5PM. I get there at 4:30. I'm told "Oh we don't have anyone available." Complete incompetence.
My thought exactly. :)

U-Haul should stick to hauling stuff.
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