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Just bought a 2010 CRV and traded a 2004 CRV in.
The 2004 book had mileage or time intervals that you followed.
Page 347 of the book has a one page schedule.
It does not say much. If I follow the book according to Symbol A,B
and 1,2,3,4,5or 6 when they come will I be safe?
By the way I have the 8 yr 120K extended warrenty also.

The see the only required one for time is the brake fluid at 3 years.
I do not tow, but the only recommondation for replacing transmission is if you tow.

Wonder how long does it take for a 6 to come up to replaced the rear differential fluid?


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The "book" maintenance (except for oil changes) comes up at about the same mileage as in your '04. (With the exception of rear diff fluid, was 90K miles, now 15 - 24K miles.)

If you still have the old schedule it will give you a good idea of required maintenance. It's also nice to have as it recommends service operations in "time" as well as "mileage", which is what the MM goes by.
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