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Hello everyone!

So go ahead and get all of the laughs out of the way now... :)

Short story, I was in a rush and did not realize a family members truck was in my driveway and I unfortunately backed into said truck!

Can anyone analyze the attached photos and give their opinion on if the damaged areas can be completely or partially repaired by a dent-repair shop or if I would need to have them replaced? Also, if you are knowledgable about the costs associated with your recommendations I would be thankful to hear what you have to say. Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Fender Rim
White Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle
Bumper Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part

Thank you in advance,


ps I am not sure why this site has changed the orientation of the photos I attached :/ I did not upload sideways photos!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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