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short story:
car shut off at a stop sign(the battery charging light never came on)
got it to start. got home turned it off. turn it on, only clicking. battery light now on
replace battery. o'reilly confirmed old one was completely dead
battery light stays on.
battery starts at 13.5 decays as it is driven
replace alternator with new from o'reillys
battery starts off at 13. + on load, reading at battery is <11
battery decays as it is driven. cruise wont come on. vsa and triangle light on.

I have a 2nd new alternator today. they bench tested it, says its good.
We'll be installing it tomorrow

it's throwing a p1298 code
the fuse box does not look like it was meant to be turned over. avery large bundle of wires comes in from below. they are tied very securly to the to the side wall.
Before I risk disturbing the fuse box and the thousand ! wires going into it

can someone tell me if this 2007 has an ELD ?
The dealership service write up guy didnt say so. the stores can find it as a part..............


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Fuse boxes are usually two piece. You should be able to remove the "lid" without touching wires
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