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Does anyone know what part this is?

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Hi everyone! This is my first post.

Anyways, I decided to buy a new cylinder head for my 99 CRV. I know there is a sensor that needs to be moved onto the new one and this metal pipe that the heater hose connects to. However, I cannot find the name of it or the part anywhere on the internet. The reason why I need a new one is because the old one is stripped, damaged and stuck on the head. So I would prefer getting a new rather than damaging it any further. Does anyone know by chance what it's called or have the part number? I would be beyond grateful. Thank you.

Auto part Engine

I found this diagram. The part is #8.

Auto part Transmission part Automotive exterior Axle part Steering part
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#008, "Joint, Tube", Honda part number 19500-PE0-000 should be what you need. (I looked up a '97 as that's the year I have. '99 should be the same.)

Go to one of the Honda parts sites like Bernardi, and look it up there to verify what I've found. Pick your year, model, then choose the Engine / Water Pump - Sensor options and it should list those out for you, along with part number and cost. Since the list price is $9.05, it's cheapest to get one at a local dealer, since the $3 or so you save online is offset by a lot more in shipping fees.
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